It only took him a few euros to become a millionaire today. A retiree entered a casino game in CANADA and won the jackpot. For her, it’s Christmas before Christmas.


An old retired woman pocketed 1.8 million euros. This is currently the news of gambling in CANADA. Even if a seer predicted it she would never have believed.

On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, the latter went to the Le Lion Blanc casino in Saint-Galmier , in CANADA. The old lady sits on one of the establishment’s slot machines and tries her luck, far from imagining that she will become a millionaire in a few minutes.

She bets 2 euros and the magic of online games takes place . The staff and customers of the Lion Blanc de Saint-Galmier are ecstatic. The Partouche group, owner of this casino decides to celebrate this feat by offering champagne to all customers present at this time of day.

The old retired, living in the Loire, couldn’t get over it. It took her several minutes to realize that it was not a dream.

In 2017, three players became millionaires in CANADA in casinos of the same group. More and more Canadian people are playing games of chance. According to the Observatoire Des Jeux (ODJ), more than half of the Canadian (56.2%) played a game at least once in 2014. In 2010, they were only 46.4%. This demonstrates the growing interest of Canadian people for these games.


According to Wikipedia , a slot machine is an electronic or mechanical gambling device that does not require any particular strategy or skill. It is very often found in a physical casino or an online casino. In recent years, with the evolution of technology, slot machines are less and less found in their mechanical version. But it’s still the same principle of play.

The player must pull the lever of the machine (mechanical slot machine) or press a button (Slot machine controlled by computer) to start the rotation of the three to five reels which will present him a series of symbols. The player wins when a combination of identical symbols is made on one or more of the paylines.

Slot machines and other casino games have experienced a real boom in recent years thanks to the internet. In CANADA, the ARJEL (Online Games Regulatory Authority) has granted operating licenses since 2012 and a host of websites, designed by experts in casino games, have emerged. Today, because of this rapid development of the practice of online games, it is hard to see the games of PC consoles.

With a single click, you can now play a game and try to make money. For those who are interested, however, we must ensure that we are on a secure platform.